OCT 10


1 Show

1 Workshop

7:30PM - The Culture Lab

SHOW: Opening Night Celebration

With guests from around the fest!

Join us for the opening night of the 25th Vancouver Improv Festival. For the person who likes a little of everything: this show will be a sampling of the amazing acts you can expect at the festival this year!

7:00PM - Jim Green House

WORKSHOP: First Beats: Grounded Duo Scenes

With Dana Puddicombe (Toronto)

Take your duo scenes to the next level!

Oct 11


1 Show

1 Workshop

7:30PM - The Culture Lab

SHOW: Festival Ensemble & The Stott & Atawo Experience

The illustrious Festival Ensemble showcase never-before-seen improv stylings, while The Stott & Atawo Experience brings two improv powerhouses together for this festival only!

7:00PM - Jim Green House


With Syd Campbell (Vancouver)

Explore queer narratives in fun and hilarious ways

Oct 12


5 Shows

1 Workshop

7:30PM - Historic Theatre

SHOW: Upfront Theater & Ann Pornel + Friends

Our neighbours to the south Upfront Theater bring the heat and Ann Pornel + Friends are your new best friends!

7:30PM - Tightrope Theatre

SHOW: Maestro

Many improvisers enter, only one emerges the champion -- join us for an amazing MAESTRO with spectacular festival guests.

8:00PM - The Culture Lab

SHOW: Grad School Improv & Festival Ensemble

Enjoy graduate school without actually having to write a thesis with Grad School Improv. Plus, the mega-talented Festival Ensemble brings something fresh and exciting to the stage!

9:30PM - Tightrope Theatre

SHOW: Embezzlement & Hot Snack

It's a double header of local heroes Embezzlement & Hot Snack!

9:45PM - Historic Theatre

SHOW: Wadsworth Constant & The Stott & Atawo Experience

The cross-country Wadsworth Constant are a dazzling duo like no other. Plus, the final night of the Stott & Atawo Experience is going to be oh-so-unforgettable.

5:00PM - Jim Green House

WORKSHOP: Big ‘n’ Bold Characters: Full of Flavour

With Gordie Lucius (Edmonton)

Learn how to bring out all the juiciest, tastiest characters to the stage!

Oct 13


6 Shows

1 Workshop

7:30PM - Historic Theatre

SHOW: Festival Ensemble & Wadsworth Constant

Don't miss out on this absolutely STACKED show, featuring the Festival Ensemble & The Wadsworth Constant.
Note: This is a Relaxed Performance.

7:30PM - Tightrope Theatre

SHOW: Duo Pop Up Show

Ten improvisers, five duos, and two cartoonists drawing the scenes as they happen in real time — it’s the utterly delightful and funny Duo Pop Up Show!

8:00PM - The Culture Lab

SHOW: Ground Floor Improv & Hinprov

Hit the floor running with Ground Floor Improv, followed by the Bollywood-inspired Hinprov!

9:30PM - Tightrope Theatre

SHOW: Dirty Little Secrets

Your dirtiest little secrets get turned into improv gold at Dirty Little Secrets

9:45PM - Historic Theatre

SHOW: Treat Show & Ann Pornel + Friends

You're in for a real treat with local delights Treat Show! Then, experience true friendship with Ann Pornel + Friends.

10:00PM - The Culture Lab

SHOW: The Essential Oils & Branded Silk

The fast and funny duo Essential Oils will remind you why diffusers are so important. And all the way from New York City, it's Branded Silk!

5:00PM - Jim Green House

WORKSHOP: Improv for Absolute Beginners - Pay What You Wish

With Kristen Schier (Portland, OR)

Try improv for the very first time in this supportive and fun environment

Oct 14


6 Shows

2 Workshops

1 Panel

7:30PM - Historic Theatre

SHOW: Festival Ensemble & Branded Silk

The final performance of the oh-so-talented Festival Ensemble will be a night to remember. Then, New York City's own Branded Silk will bring the heat.

7:30PM - Tightrope Theatre

SHOW: Smash Hit

Five directors compete to bring their vision to life, but you, the audience, decide whose SMASH HIT makes it to the end!

8:00PM - The Culture Lab

SHOW: Queerprov & Upfront Theater

Vancouver's own Queerprov will take to the stage to create delightful comedy from a queer perspectives, while the Upfront Theater bring the fun, American-style.
Note: This is a Relaxed Performance.

9:30PM - Tightrope Theatre

SHOW: F*ck, Marry, Kill

It's the classic party game FMK brought to life with improv! Each improviser secretly (or not so secretly) tries to seduce, propose to, or kill the other three improvisers, all while telling a coherent story. Not to be missed!

9:45PM - Historic Theatre

SHOW: Spontaneous Shakespeare Company & Hinprov

It's the Bard, made up completely on the spot by the Spontaneous Shakespeare Company. And don't miss out on Bollywood-based superstars Hinprov!

10:00PM - The Culture Lab

SHOW: Fistful of Kicks & No Sex and The City

Kick it into high gear with the local all-Asian heroes Fistful of Kicks! Then, all the way from Portland, Oregon, it's No Sex and the City!

1:00PM - The Culture Lab

PANEL: What's Your Practice?

Join our illustrious festival guests for an insightful discussion around the ideas and questions that drive their own performances. You'll gain a ton of insight into how these improv superstars approach their artistic practice on-stage and off. All members of the improv community are invited and it's completely free!

10:00AM - Jim Green House

WORKSHOP: THE SLACKER with Branded Silk's Sauce

With Aaron Laroche and Jeffrey Kitt (New York City, NY)

Become your best slacker self with this intrepid New York trio

3:30PM - Jim Green House

WORKSHOP: Finding Yourself on Stage

With Shannon Stott (Austin, TX)

Learn to bring your full self to the stage in this engaging workshop

Oct 15


4 Workshops

10:00AM - Jim Green House

WORKSHOP: Every Scene A Painting

With Nick Gillette (Philadelpha, PA)

Learn to luxuriate in all the visual delights of improv

1:00PM - Jim Green House

WORKSHOP: Starting Strong

With Michael Haycock (Bellingham, WA)

Make bold choices, follow through with them, and the rest of the scene will follow!

4:00PM - Jim Green House

WORKSHOP: Got Your Back

With Kelly Turner (Edmonton)

Be your best supportive self and have the most amount of fun!

7:00PM - Tightrope Theatre

WORKSHOP: Improvising Shakespeare

With Brent Hirose (Vancouver)

Learn how to turn a phrase, improvise sonnets, soliloquies, and other Bardian-delights from an incredible Shakespearean improviser!