This is our Fall 2020 festival lineup.


The Festival Ensemble brings together some amazing talent from Vancouver as well as internationally to create a unique piece of improv just for this fest! This year, the amazing Shannon Stott from Austin, Texas will be directing the ensemble. Check out more information on the Festival Ensemble here.


Folk Lordz was created by Todd Houseman and Ben Gorodetsky in 2014, while senior players at Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta. The performance and creative duo was born out of a shared love of cultural storytelling traditions, physical comedy, and political grit. Since then, Todd and Ben have toured internationally, created two award-winning improvised plays, wrote, produced and starred in a 15-sketch digital series, facilitated workshops and intercultural exchanges, and produced the three-day storytelling festival Stories on the Hills.

The Folk Lordz live improv show consists of a fusion of folk storytelling, long-form improvisation and physical comedy. Taking inspiration from Indigenous oral tradition and storytelling practice, Russian Chekhovian character drama, and a third genre of the audience’s choosing, Folk Lordz craft a spontaneous and hilarious homage to cultural storytelling practice. This work has won them two cultural diversity in the arts awards from the Edmonton Arts Council, and the show has toured internationally to Philadelphia’s DuoFest, Atlanta’s High Wire Comedy Fest, Austin’s Improvised Play Festival, Vancouver’s Chutzpah! Festival, Toronto’s Bad Dog Theatre Combustion Festival, Montreal Improv Festival, Vancouver International Improv Festival, Edmonton’s LitFest, and Edmonton’s Thousand Faces Festival of Mythic Art.

This year, Folk Lordz are taking to the forest (literally, not figuratively) to bring you an improv show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.