The Vancouver Improv Festival (formerly known as VIIF) is one of North America’s longest running improv festivals. The festival aims to celebrate spontaneity and collaboration through the art form of improvisation.

Since 1999, Vancouver Improv Fest has showcased over 1200 international and local performers for thousands of Vancouver theatre and comedy fans. The annual festival features over 40 unique performances, inspiring public workshops and an opening night gala to celebrate Vancouver’s booming improv scene.

The festival started in the late nineties as an impulse based arts festival. Music, physical theatre and comedy were all showcased for their own style of spontaneous excitement. As the years passed, and the festival grew, improv comedy became the main focus and the audiences grew as the festival became a destination for improv companies from around the world.

Due to Covid-19, the 2020 Vancouver Improv Festival will be smaller in scale, and happening online in Fall 2020.