Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 9-13, 2018





New York

VIIF Reckless Image

We run riot with our hearts, out of our heads to create live theatre that hopes and dares to stun and astonish. We are actors, comedians, writers and artists. We roister and revel ensemble. Gazetted and ridiculous. We improvise with craft and care and sting and bite. We are wild. We are rowdy. We are reckless.

A single suggestion summons from the void a dark tableau of beings. Sneaking into our world from zapping synapses, characters materialize clamoring for action. Marvel as they transmogrify through a universe connected by quivering strings of laughter and love. It’s inspired creation by head-on collision lit by a fuse in the wilderness. It’s improvisation from Dark Sneak Love Action transforming the Cat’s Cradle form.


Performs Friday, October 13th at Performance Works. For tickets click here