Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 10-14, 2017




Rapid Fire Theatre’s – Sneak Peek



In a world… where every film… is advertised with a trailer… Movie buffs Joe Vanderhelm, Paul Blinov and Matt Schuurman from Rapid Fire Theatre each secretly select a trailer for an actual upcoming film and screen them live in front of the audience. The audience chooses their favourite trailer, then the three men save you $13.75 at Cineplex by acting out the film in its entirety, with only the trailer as their inspiration.

Sneak Peek has been featured at Improvaganza, Big City Improv Festival, and regularly headlines at Rapid Fire Theatre’s Chimprov.

“Your group’s performance last night was goddamned masterful. It’s a privilege to watch someone in any profession operating at the absolute top of their game. I’m no improv connoisseur, but the Sneak Peek show last night was the second greatest show I’ve seen, only behind TJ & Dave in Chicago” – some stranger who messaged us on facebook after our most recent show.

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Performs Saturday, October 8th at The Revue Stage, for ticketsĀ click here.