Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 9-13, 2018






King Ricky - Group Photo

King Ricky is a long-form improv team from the wilds of Portland, Oregon. Comprised of experienced performers from theaters throughout Portland, their unique brand of improv blends irreverence, intelligence and deep, thoughtful connections. Hailing from theaters including Curious Comedy Theater, Brody Theater Portland and Kickstand Comedy Space, King Ricky puts a new spin on a classic improv form (the Harold). Their namesake is a majestically scruffy dog named Ricky who allows them to rehearse in his home.


King Ricky was originally formed as an advanced Harold study group through Kickstand Comedy Space, coached by veteran performers from UCB New York and iO Chicago. The team’s approach is a blend of both schools’ philosophies, while also bringing a Portland sensibility that makes their shows completely unique. Using a modified Pattern Game opening, they perform Game-forward, grounded scenes with strong relationships that ramp up with fast-paced tag-runs in the second beat, clever connections in the third beat and endlessly supportive group games. The driving philosophy behind King Ricky’s style of play is “Follow the Fun.”


Performs Thursday October 12th at Revue Stage. For tickets Click Here