Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 11-14, 2017




Ebony Essence Jet



EbonyEssenceJet was created when six female African-American improvisers saw a lack of their voice in the Chicago improv community. Five of the women had either gone through or were going through professional improv training at a prestigious institution when they realized that typecasting and stereotypes in sketch comedy was an issue. EbonyEssenceJet was created as a group for exploring thoughts, ideas, and viewpoints in improv without thinking about the actor’s outward appearance.
Second City alum and instructor, John Hildreth, took them on and is currently their coach. Eclectic in style, they typically play to the room or event. For a venue familiar with improv, they bring out the fierceness of a quick paced montage or story-telling that morphs into scenes. For an audience newer to or unfamiliar to improv (such as their shows every 4th Friday) they let the audience guide the way with their quirky interpretations of their suggestions. Nothing is off limits, at some point one of them played a stiletto in a scene.

Performs Thursday, October 6th at Performance Works. For tickets click here