Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 4-8, 2016







Melissa McNamara and Gavin Donnellan present “Chairs”. Given only 2 chairs to play with, the players weave in and out of scenes dictated by the distance and formation of these sole props in an otherwise empty space. Where the chairs are the foundation, the relationship between the two, McNamara and Donnellan, as improvisers and as characters that fully embody this space, is at the heart of each performance. They open with dualogues inspired from the audience‚Äôs suggestion and transition seamlessly into moments built on space, timing and movement. At times quirky, and other times, heartfelt, the piece bookends itself with the original duologue to create a cohesive theatrical event. Chairs has appeared in the Chicago Improv Fest, Milwaukee Comedy Fest, Big Little Comedy Fest, and more.

“Melissa and Gavin will be appearing in the upcoming webseries, The Studio, a heartfelt comedy about the trials and tribulations of being a small, business owner…and being single on the side. Due out later this year”

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Performs Friday, October 9th at Performance Works, for tickets Click Here