Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 9-13, 2018






carmelah 1

Meet Carla and Racquel: THEY’RE BEST FRIENDS! Now that their freshly assembled, all-lady comedy duo Carmelahhh has officially exploded onto the scene and into your hearts, they want to teach you the importance of friendship. Together through their wacky playfulness, jabbing wit, and beautifully optimistic (though oftentimes questionable) imaginations, they can make ANY two crazy characters become just as close as they are. THEY PROMISE! Watch and be amazed as these feisty women create a pair of strong, empowering women through your suggestions, and flip through a lifetime of memories before your eyes! WHOA! ARE THEY MAGICIANS?! Nope! The only magic they are using is the magic of improv and their best friendship!