Sponsorship Info

Interested in being a VIIF sponsor? Lets Talk! Contact us at sponsors@vancouverimprovfest.com

The Vancouver International Improv Festival’s mission is to bring together some of the world’s best performers, troupes, and teachers in an environment that showcases their talent alongside the world class performers that Vancouver has locally. The festival culminates this year in two weekends of workshops and social events that lead into the performances from October 9th – 13th. We attract a young and diverse group of attendees not just from our community, but from a wide range of different social and economic groups that are part of every industry within the area. The festival represents an opportunity for your business to reach out to the communities our volunteers, organizers, performers, business partners, and fans represent, all while having your business or product showcased in one of the premier social and tourist locations on Granville Island.


The Vancouver International Improv Festival is one of the longest running performing arts events in Vancouver. This year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Each year the festival has run, we’ve expanded our reach to new groups, included new partners, and expanded our worldwide reach. The festival has grown every year, and this year marks the largest yet, with the most opportunity for our partners to showcase business and products.

Beyond the Festival itself, the festival features multiple different social events both during the run up to the festival and during our performance week. These events serve as opportunities for local performers and fans to connect with festival organisers and our international performers at venues that stretch across the greater Vancouver area.

Partnership with VIIF

Our partnerships with business both local and national are a key part of VIIF’s mission of showcasing the best of the world alongside the best that Canada has to offer. Our sponsors benefit from having access to venues and people that are both economically and culturally diverse while being highly engaged change agents within their own communities outside of the festival. Combine that with the opportunity to reach out to the 350,000 Granville Island visitors, and the Vancouver International Improv Festival presents a unique opportunity to be part of something unmatched within the local arts community.

Sponsorship Opportunties

There are multiple different opportunities for VIIF sponsorship at various levels of commitment. This year, we are particularly interested in expanding our partnerships with business and groups that can offer the following:

  • Discounts on food / drink for our performers, visitors, and attendees
  • Unique experiences for our performers during social events (Limos / Transportation, Indoor / Outdoor experiences, etc.)
  • Gift certificates, merchandise, and other items to be included in our Festival Pass program and performer welcome package
  • Venues for our social events, including exclusive after parties during the festival and for our fundraiser in the month of September

While these represent some of our immediate interests, we’re always interested in talking with groups and businesses interested in showcasing themselves at the festival. If you have a product or business that you would like to showcase at the event, please feel free to get in touch (sponsors@vancouverimprovfest.com)

Sponsorship Rewards

VIIF Partners enjoy opportunities for their organizations to be recognized in multiple different ways at our performance venues, in our printed and promotional materials for the festival (programs, tickets, posters, etc.), within our Festival Pass program, at our social events (both pre-festival and during), and on our website, social media, and email newsletters (in addition to sponsor specific tickets/passes to the festival and our social events). There are opportunities for business to engage at all levels of sponsorship, making access to becoming a festival partner attainable to both smaller local businesses and larger corporations.

We believe that the Vancouver International Improv Festival presents unique opportunity for our partners to showcase themselves to a unique and passionate group of performers and fans both within the local area and worldwide. If you would like to hear more about the festival, including additional information on our demographics and sponsorship reward opportunities, please feel free to contact us at sponsors@vancouverimprovfest.com

We look forward to working with you to showcase the best of Vancouver and Canada at our event this October.