Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 9-13, 2018

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VIIF Spotlight: National Anthem

Sunday, September 27, 2015

With the Vancouver International Improv Festival fast approaching, we wanted to shine a light on all of the amazing talent we have joining us this Oct. 6-10.

This powerhouse improv group has been taking the Vancouver improv scene by storm this past year. Their performances are always marked by high energy, super hilarious choices, environments, and characters and they’re not afraid to get weird and wild on stage. Come check them out Friday Oct. 9th at Performance Works.

national anthem

What was the funniest/best improv set your group has ever performed?

Instant Theatre’s 2015 CAGEMATCH Tournament Finals where we ended up licking each other a lot and also winning.

What’s the nicest review you’ve gotten for one of your shows?

“You had such a great set. I have no idea how you brought all those characters and storylines together. It was like magic.”

Who has the best animal impression in your group/what is that animal?

The CCA Nominated “Patrick Dodd as Horse”

Best thing about Vancouver?

Geoff: Sunset strolls on the Seawall.
Patrick: Bike lanes.
Kerri: All the hikes that I don’t go on.
Ronald: I have eaten over 100 tacos in this city.
Allie: Getting to show off my cool rain boots.
Andy: n/a

What’s the best reason for people to come see your show at VIIF?

Allie: Because we invited all the cool kids and our parents.
Kerri: Because we’d go to yours if you had a show.
Geoff: Comfiest theatre seats in town!
Ronald: Because we’re all sweethearts and you’ll get a show full of cuties.
Andy: n/a