Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 9-13, 2018

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VIIF Spotlight: J Names

Sunday, September 20, 2015

With the Vancouver International Improv Festival fast approaching, we wanted to shine a light on all of the amazing talent we have joining us this Oct. 6-10.

J Names brings the all the “J” talent from Portland’s rich improv scene together in to one super group. Featuring Jed Arkley, John Breen, Jay Flewelling, Justin Himes, Jenn Hunter, Jess Lee, Jake Michels and Janet Scanlon.

J names

What is each player’s improv speciality?

John Breen – The best improvisor in Portland, the master
Jake Michels – A teacher of teachers and can play a real weirdo with ease on-stage
Jenn Hunter – A singer and an audience charmer
Jed Arkley – Flies closest to the improv sun
Janet Scanlon – Voices, Characters, and putting a nice bow on a complete story you never saw coming
Justin Himes – Endearing and deliciously nervous characters
Jay Flewelling – A true artist of “play” on-stage.
Jess Lee – A fast and fearless player

Best thing about your hometown?

The best thing about Portland, is you really feel that the city was made for you and you are just walking around in your living room.

What have you heard about Vancouver that you hope is true? 

That snowboarding has a chance of happening for me during the fest.

What’s the best reason for people to come see your show at VIIF?

J NAMES really is the best of every improv camp in Portland: The Liberators, Whiskey Tango, Curious Comedy, The Brody, and CSz.