Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 9-13, 2018

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VIIF Spotlight: Fit to Print

Thursday, September 10, 2015

With the Vancouver International Improv Festival fast approaching, we wanted to shine a light on all of the amazing talent we have joining us this Oct. 6-10.

Fit to Print hails from Portland, Oregon and they bring their unique and hilarious take on today’s headlines! Come check out all the twists and turns of this stellar show on Wed. Oct. 7th at 9:15pm at The Improv Centre.




What is each player’s improv speciality?

All of our players are strong premise pullers and super silly people. Our group takes very real and very serious things and points out the ridiculousness of the world. We all listen to each other!


What was the funniest/best improv set your group has ever performed?

We did a set once where we ended the show with a long thread showing the biblical gospels as a high school drama.


What’s the nicest review you’ve gotten for one of your shows?

Wait, what part did you guys make up?


What’s the best reason for people to come see your show at VIIF?

If you’re tired of wearing socks… Because they’re going to be blown off! In all honesty, Fit to Print really loves each other as people and as players so its always just a big explosion of fun and energy. We’re going to take stuff that most people don’t see the comedy in and twist it around and around to show you how funny the world actually is.