Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 9-13, 2018

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Let’s Get Learning, aka #VIIF2014 workshops

Monday, September 22, 2014

Improv is a very inspiring art form. As a creative, dramatic, or comedic outlet, modern improv theatre has been performed and enjoyed since the early 20th Century.

For Chip Ellis, one-half of the VIIF duo ChAnge, his first experience of the Vancouver International Improv Festival in 2007 encouraged him to step onstage himself.

“I first attended VIIF shows in 2007, which inspired me to take my first improv classes,” said Ellis, who also performs with Vancouver TheatreSports League and The Fictionals. “I then took VIIF workshops in 2011 and 2012. My VIIF teachers have included improv legends like Charna Halpern and Craig Cackowski, and rising stars like Sasheer Zamata (SNL) and Evany Rosen (Picnicface).

“Improv has a long history and many distinct skill sets. Workshops and continued education are a must for anyone who hopes to have a long improv career.”

VIIF is proud to present workshops in improvisation from some of the best instructors that the improv world has to offer. The two workshop packages are for improvisers with stage experience, and will take place on the weekends of October 4th-5th and 11th-12th. Both weekend workshop packages will take place at the Instant Shop and are available as a single package or mega-pack.

One of the #VIIF2014 instructors is Billy Tierney, General Manager and Artistic Director of Ryan Stiles’ The Upfront Theatre in Bellingham, Washington, USA. His workshop will demonstrate how to draw inspiration from scene partners and established truths to ground improvisers in the reality of the scene.

Tierney has taught many workshops in his 16 years as an improviser, and enjoys every opportunity.

“I love the idea that I am able to have an impact on (new improvisers) present lives and where they’re at with improv right now,” said Tierney. “That impact in turn will influence what they do in the future.

“I always love the energy of festivals, and meeting and teaching new people is always the tops.”

If you are an improviser with stage experience, sign up for #VIIF2014 workshops at If you are a beginning improviser, we welcome you to take an introductory class via

Chip Ellis of ChAnge, Billy Tierney of Upfront Theatre.

Chip Ellis of ChAnge, Billy Tierney of Upfront Theatre.