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It’s A Team-Up! International Ensemble comes together for #VIIF2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

Every year at the Vancouver International Improv Festival, individual performers from all over the world come together to spend a week workshopping with guest directors as part of the International Ensemble. From October 6-11 during #VIIF2014, Ensemble members will be working with guest directors Mike Fotis and Joe Bozic, aka Ferrari McSpeedy from Minneapolis, and René Dellefont from Atlanta to put on exciting new shows with improv formats they may never have even seen before.

“We’re looking forward to having the cast take our exercises and our ideas father than we could ever imagine,” said Bozic. “The cast list for the ensemble is spectacular and we know that by the end of the festival, they’ll have pushed us as much as we push them. Maybe more. Probably more.”

This year’s Ensemble includes performers who live in Toronto, New York, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal and Vancouver. The cast is made up of international touring acts, writers, actors, directors, musicians and stand up comedians (when they’re not improvising, of course).

According to Bozic, having a variety of players and backgrounds in a workshop helps create a good learning environment.

“The most enjoyable thing about working with different improvisers is having them challenge our own habits and our own approaches to improv. We all have the same goal: to make up engaging theater on the spot, but sometimes we need a reminder that there are many different paths to that goal,” said Joe.

Vancouver improviser and Ensemble member Lauren McGibbon agrees.

“Improvisors with all very different styles, background’s and energy being thrown together one day, given a director and a new format the next and then performing it on the night – it’s always mind blowing to watch,” said McGibbon, a performer with Instant Theatre Company and Vancouver TheatreSports League. “Guests from around the world inspire us to look at our art from a new point of view and take more risks.

“This is the first time I have been invited to be part of a festival ensemble, so being part of is at all is very exciting. I will be bringing an extra hoodie 8-Mile style just in case.”

Meet all of the performers of the 2014 VIIF International Ensemble here. To buy tickets to see the Ensemble perform live and other great #VIIF2014 shows, visit


The #VIIF2014 International Ensemble.


International Ensemble directors René Dellefont, Mike Fotis and Joe Bozic