Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 9-13, 2018

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Exciting time for improv in Vancouver as VIIF 15th Anniversary approaches

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Head down to any improv show in Vancouver and you’re likely to be greeted by smiling faces and roaring laughter. From Commercial Drive to Main Street to West 4th all the way down to Granville Island, audiences are looking for a fun and interactive night out, and comedians are ready to entertain.

Graham Myers, Artistic Director of Second Storey Theatre and International Ensemble member of Vancouver International Improv Festival 2014, feels that it is an exciting time to be an improviser and an improv fan.

“Vancouver audiences are eager and ready to have a good time,” said Graham. “They come prepped; with their finger on the trigger and their mind in the game, they make it easy for performers to have a good time by keeping us on our toes.

“More and more people are becoming aware that improv is not only a great outing with friends or loved ones, but that it is a way to enrich your daily life.”

Recognizing the demand for more quality improv, VIIF 2014 is expanding to two venues for the first time in festival history, presenting more than 30 unique performances with troupes from around North America. This year, VIIF will play out on two stages: Performance Works Theatre and Studio 1398.

Performance Works will showcase some of the world’s funniest improvisers every night of the festival, including the VIIF International Ensemble. Studio 1398 is a new venue for the Festival this year, and will give comedy buffs the chance to see some of Vancouver’s funniest groups in a brand new way.

Briana Rayner, one-half of Virginia Jack and co-creator of the Vancouver Fringe Festival show Orange is the New Blank, said that the large variety of shows means that there is something for everyone at VIIF 2014.

“We have an audience with diverse tastes, so there is always space for a new show, concept or format,” said Briana. “It’s a rewarding city to do new things in, and we have a great comedic talent pool to draw from when creating shows.

“I think what makes Vancouver a hotbed of improv comedy is that there are both the people who want to do it, and the people who want to see it. I really like that our audiences get to enjoy a little of everything, and are willing to give new shows a shot. That is what Vancouver International Improv Festival will provide in October.”

Tickets and passes to VIIF are on sale now: Get your seats today and spread the word – #VIIF2014 is coming!

Graham Myers (Second Storey Theatre) and Briana Rayner (Virginia Jack)

Graham Myers (Second Storey Theatre) and Briana Rayner (Virginia Jack)

Performance Works, one of the two stages on Granville Island showcasing improv during VIIF 2014.

Performance Works, one of the two VIIF stages on Granville Island for 2014.