Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 11-14, 2017

International Ensemble

Vancouver Ensemble

A transglobal conflagration of the best looking, funniest and most-likely-to-impress-you people you’ll ever watch on a stage.

Ensemble 2009

The International Ensembles are an opportunity for individual improvisers the world over to spend a week workshopping new and new-to-them improv forms. Dozens of performers apply for a handful of spots and work with guest directors to create evening performances live for you, our audience.

This year our TWO INTERNATIONAL ENSEMBLES include performers who live in Toronto, Phoenix, San Diego, Calgary, Los Angeles, Portland, New York, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal and Vancouver, who have toured across Canada, across the US, and internationally, who are writers, actors, directors, musicians and stand up comedians (when they’re not improvising, of course). They are television stars, Artistic Directors of theatres, comedy and theatre award winners, teachers, friends and lovers. They’re also all gifted improvisers, and they’re all here to entertain you.

One thing is certain — the International Ensembles are groups of people who will likely never all work together again. In some cases, you’d have to travel pretty far to see any of them on their home turf. Now you can enjoy all of them, without even leaving your seat.

Learn more about this year’s ensembles by clicking their names to the left.

The International Ensemble performs Thursday, October 12th and Saturday, October 14th at Performance Works and the Waterfront Theatre

The Vancouver Ensemble performs Friday, October 13th at Waterfront Theatre, for tickets check back Tuesday September 5th.