Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 9-13, 2018

International Ensemble

Vancouver Ensemble

Rene Dellefont – Director

Rene Dellefont

Rene is a local fixture in the Atlanta improv theater community and the world wide touring circuit. In 2007, he launched The Doug Dank Project, a long form improv show that celebrated the mythic monologist Doug Dank. The Doug Dank Project won the Creative Loafing Critics’ Pick for Best Improv Show in 2008. In 2009, René launched the U.S. debut of the Toronto-born improv format Catch 23. It currently runs monthly at The Earl. He also currently curates the monthly show Dottie: a night of solo comedy for loners and rebels which features actors, musicians, comedians, puppeteers, and other artists from Atlanta performing short solo comedy pieces.

Over the last decade René has performed and taught at tournaments and festivals in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, Regina, Providence, Charleston, Berlin, Wurzburg, Oslo, London, and Atlanta. In 2008, he toured Canada in a two-man improv show with Instant Theatre’s (Vancouver, BC) Alistair Cook. He has been an instructor for the Canadian Improv Games and has been involved with The Improv Camp (a.k.a. “Best Camp Ever”) as part of the CIG since 2008. In 2011, René became the camp’s Artistic Director.

With all his remaining free time, René DJ’s. His therapist calls him a walking contradiction, in his lifetime he has sustained over 6 head injuries, and his favorite movie is the MST3K version of Mitchell starring Joe Don Baker.