Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 9-13, 2018

International Ensemble

Vancouver Ensemble

Ronald Dario


Ronald Dario is an improviser and sketch comedian from Vancouver, BC. Ronald is part of the improv group National Anthem. He’s member of Blind Tiger Comedy’s Improv (Old Money) and Sketch Comedy House Teams, and is also a part the cast at Instant Theatre.

Ronald has performed at Just For Laughs NorthWest, the Vancouver International Improv Festival, UCB Theatre’s Del Close Marathon, and the Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival.

Ronald has produced improv show’s like Audio / Video, Class Project and Wizard Academy (a Harry Potter-inspired form). He also regularly performs at local comedy shows: The Hero Show, Sidekicks, Rapp Battlez: Wezt Coazt, Weird Al Karaoke, and The List.