Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 10-14, 2017

International Ensemble

Vancouver Ensemble

Racquel Belmonte


My name is Racquel, I tell people I’m 21 and 98 pounds soaking wet, and I love improv more than I love lying to those people who now think I’m 21 and 98 pounds soaking wet. I began my improv journey in high school, where I was able to perform at assemblies and compete in the Canadian Improv Games. In university, I trained at the Second City Chicago as part of their comedy studies program. Since my return in 2013, I have trained and performed with Blind Tiger Comedy, Instant Theatre, and Vancouver Theatresports. I currently perform around the city in many different ensembles and shows, was a member of VTSL’s Rookie League for a few years, and am a member of BTC’s sketch and improv House Teams.

Performs Wednesday October 5th at Performance Works. For tickets Click Here