Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 9-13, 2018

International Ensemble

Vancouver Ensemble

Kerri Donaldson



I have been performing improv for almost 3 years, having started in Calgary with the Kinkonauts then moving to Vancouver where I continued my training with Instant Theater through their conservatory program then joining their Streetfight team as a regular player. I have been fortunate to perform in several groups including an all-female ensemble called Femme Fatale, and more recently, National Anthem. With Instant, I’ve performed regularly in Streetfight as well as the Late Show, Cagematch and recently performed in the fantasy genre-inspired Shawn Norman directed improv show, Lore of Legends.This past year, I performed at the Seattle Festival of Improv Theatre with Instant, as well as the 2015 Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival with Blind Tiger Comedy. In June, my improv troupe, National Anthem and I are going to perform at the 2015 Del Close Marathon in New York. I can be found performing throughout Vancouver in comedy shows such as Rapp Battlez Wezt Coazt and Weird Al Karaoke. I’m also a twin which I’ve been told too many times is creepy.