Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 9-13, 2018

International Ensemble

Vancouver Ensemble

Jed Arkley



Jed Arkley is a co-founder and producer of The Stumptown Improv Festival in Portland, OR. His 20-year improv career includes performing and producing shows in Providence, RI, Seattle, and Portland. Jed is currently a member of improv groups Whiskey Tango, J Names, and Arkley and McLendon Present and has performed with aforementioned groups at festivals around the country and Canada (SF Sketchfest, Out of Bounds-Austin, Del Close Marathon-NYC, Vancouver International Improv Festival). He’s also onstage quite often with Bad Reputation Productions (‘Wade Garrett’ in Road House: The Play!, ‘Rudolph’ in Rudolph: On Stage!). Jed has been on numerous commercials looking sketchy and/or spokesperson-y. When not onstage, Jed tries his best.