Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 10-14, 2017

International Ensemble

Vancouver Ensemble

Amie Roe

New York

amie roe

Amie Roe is an improviser, therapist, and highly expressive face based in New York. She has been improvising literally since birth in an ongoing, roaming monoscene.

Amie performed, taught, and directed improv at the Philly Improv Theater from 2007 to 2012. Since 2010, Amie has been a regular performer at the Magnet Theater in New York, appearing every Wednesday night in Megawatt, in addition to other shows. She is currently also performing in the Armando Diaz Experience. Amie also performs with best-friend-improv-duo, The Amie and Kristen Show/The Kristen and Amie Show, which has played at over 30 improv festivals throughout the United States and Canada. She is a co-creator of Duofest, an improv festival dedicated to improv duos.


She’s proud to say that she has studied improv at the Magnet Theater, the Philly Improv Theater (PHIT), and throughout the country, with amazing people such as Armando Diaz, Louis Kornfeld, Jill Bernard, Craig Cackowski, Keith Johnstone, and Susan Messing, to name a few.

Team “BRAVO” performs Wednesday October 5th¬†and Friday October 7th at Performance Works. For tickets Click Here.